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Your shoulders are such an important part of your body, not only in fitness, but in our everyday lives, so how can you ignore them when it comes to working out?

You simply cannot ignore shoulder workouts and must incorporate them into your workout routine. We have gathered all the beneficial information for you so that you can incorporate these workouts smoothly.

Why You are Not Gaining Big Shoulder Muscles

If you are looking to build big shoulders but failing at every attempt, then there must be something you are either not doing or doing incorrectly. We will be breaking down each mistake that gym-goers make while working their shoulder muscles.

Not Working on Rear Deltoids

As shown in this video, the anterior and middle deltoids are the ones that can be targeted pretty easily. But, targeting rear deltoids is not easy and can only be done through a specific set of shoulder exercises.

Working on rear deltoids makes all the difference. According to Scott Herman in this video above, there are two specific exercises that you can perform to work on your shoulders.

The first exercise is standing shoulder press, using a dumbbell. While doing dumbbell shoulder press, you must be standing so you can engage all three deltoid muscles.

The second exercise that activates the rear deltoid is the Dumbbell bent-over raise. This one offers a good range of motion if done with a little variation shown in the video.

Watch the video above and see how to correctly do both of these exercises and unlock the deltoid muscle’s full activation.

Weight Shoulder Presses

If you are guilty of doing a shoulder press that looks more like an incline bench press, this could be another reason for not building enough shoulder mass.

The incline bench press tends to work more on the pectoral muscles that give your front a herculean look, but it does little to make your forearms muscular.

Your shoulder press has turned into an incline bench press because you are using too much weight. Next time when you do overhead press or military press, make sure that you go easy on the weight. A general rule of thumb is that you use half of the weight you were using previously. Do this, and you will surely see drastic changes.

Not Focusing on Medial Deltoids

Another common mistake that people make is not focusing on medial deltoids when they are the main target if you are looking for wide V-tapered shoulders. To ramp up the building of bigger wide shoulders, include a minimum of 2 exercises that target these muscles.

Four Most Effective Exercises for Building Big and Wider Shoulders

If you are looking for herculean shoulders, then only doing run-of-the-mill exercises will give you no such results. Do the following four exercises to get the most out of your shoulder workout sessions.

Upright Row

If you are looking for something that can work on your anterior deltoid along with middle deltoids, then the upright row is the best bet. This exercise is famous for giving a much more holistic effect by working on your upper back and neck muscles.

You will see a huge transformation in your shoulder and back muscle groups after incorporating a few sets of dumbbell or barbell upright rows in your shoulder routine.

Rear Lateral Raise

Again, rear deltoids are usually the ones that make all the difference, yet they are often left ignored. And the surprising thing about these muscles is that they are not even that hard to work on.

Rear lateral raise is the best way to go for working your posterior deltoids. It would be best if you focused on these muscles and your front and middle deltoids to avoid any shoulder pain or other health issues. Watch the video above to see how to do lateral raise correctly.

Full Body Hang Clean

Hang Cleans might be best for athletes, but they can also be incorporated into your shoulder routine to gain bigger shoulders. They give power and work on a wide range of muscle groups.

Military Press

If there is any workout that effectively builds your upper body alongside core muscles, it must be the military press. This exercise builds up countless muscles at once and gives you amazing results along with massive forearms.

If you cannot go to the gym and want to know how to get bigger shoulders at home, then gymnastic rings are your ultimate solution.

Foolproof Ways to Build Muscular Shoulders at Home

When it comes to home shoulder workouts, there are two broad categories of exercises; light-weighted dumbbells and no weight at all. We will elaborate on each of these categories below.

Light-Weighted Dumbbells

Who said you could only have big arms by doing heavyweights? You can achieve these goals with lighter dumbbells too. Most people do not keep heavyweights at home because they are pricey and hard to handle. But thanks to many different dumbbell exercises, you can work out your shoulders the way you would have with gym equipment.

  • You can do a push press with the light-weighted dumbbells with at least ten reps.
  • Lateral raise also works wonders, especially on your lateral deltoids. The tension that comes with holding the shoulders along the shoulder line is the main reason for giving your deltoids a hard hit.
  • The lightweight dumbbells can also be used in front raise and reverse fly.

No Weight at All

If you do not have any weights at home and are wondering how to keep your shoulder routine going or start one, you should know that you are still capable of growing your wider shoulders with bodyweight exercises.

Many bodyweight exercises act as a perfect alternative to heavy gym rigs. You only have to know which one targets which deltoid muscle, and you are all set on the path of getting shirt-filling shoulders at home.

In the video above, Jeremy Ethier shows four exercises that can be done at home easily. Pike push-ups, bodyweight lateral raises, rear delt row, and rear delt fly. Watch the video to know how to do each of these exercises and which muscles they target.

Can Smaller Framed Men Get Big Shoulders?

Even if your shoulder blades are sticking out and all your body fat has reduced to zero, you can still get those strong muscular shoulders. Our shoulders have immense growth potential, and you can easily build muscles on them by following a few essential rules.

  • Keep increasing the frequency of shoulder workouts to keep the muscle-building signal of your deltoids and other forearm muscles intact.
  • Increase the reps per week accordingly. Generally, the reps of isolation exercises are more than compound exercises because they don’t necessarily have to be in the low range.
  • Always remember to build a muscle connection. You can do this by being mindful of small posture mistakes while lifting weight or doing side laterals and rectifying them.
  • Exercise selection also matters when it comes to building a shoulder or any muscles for that matter. Typically, starting with compound muscle is a good idea. You can slowly progress your way towards more isolation exercises.

Build Stronger Shoulders Fast With Gymnastic Rings

If you don’t have excess to the traditional shoulder muscles equipment such as dumbbell or barbell, then gymnastic rings provide you with a perfect solution. They are the best way to build your shoulder muscles at home, without doing any hassle, thanks to their simple and easy make.

These hanging gymnastic rings work on the strength, health, and hypertrophy of your muscles. They specifically have a great impact on your shoulder joints and rotator cuff. But they also increase your wrist strength, thus enabling you to try your luck on high-frequency training effortlessly. The overall impact of gymnastic rings helps you get those massive big shoulders faster than you can imagine!

How to Avoid Getting Injured During Shoulder Workouts?

The last thing any exercise enthusiast would ever want is to have their shoulders injured. Where having healthy shoulders is important for shoulder workouts, it is also important for performing other workouts.

However, shoulder workouts are usually the ones that have the potential of harming your shoulders or shoulder joints. Therefore, you must take preventive measures before any injury occurs. As in the words of Orthopedic Surgery Assistant Professor at Harvard, Dr. Eric Berkson, “It can take longer to recover from a smaller injury, and the injured areas remain vulnerable during the recovery period.”

Be Careful

Before going full swing on your shoulder routine, take steps to ensure if you have any preexisting conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis. In case of such medical conditions, high-impact exercises are a big no.

Proper Technique

People often get all super excited when they come across any new set of exercises. With an image of getting those desirable results in their mind, people jump on those exercises without learning proper techniques first.

If you are guilty of that, then stop doing this immediately. Learn your right form by taking consultation from any gym instructor or trainer. Then embark upon the new exercise regime only when you are positive that you have learned the new technique properly.

Stretches After a Workout

Always remember to do a good amount of stretches after having full workout sessions. They are an effective way of preventing muscle soreness or stiffness, especially in the beginning stages. They increase blood flow to the muscle, as a result healing them quickly.


Warms-ups do the same to your muscles as stretches do after a workout; they increase blood flow. This brings about comfortable warmth in those cold muscles that haven’t been worked on lately. You can easily prevent muscle injuries by doing dynamic stretches or taking a light walk before the workout.


If you have already met with an injury, then the only option left now is to rehabilitate. Take rest, do ice therapy, or go for physical therapy, or see a doctor if the injury is severe.

Bottom Line

If you take care of your shoulder health and follow all the effective exercises, you can easily achieve the muscular broad shoulders you are aiming for.

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