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Junk Food Makes You Miserable – It’s Time To Ditch Junk Food

A girl holding an apple in right hand a nd a sweet donut in the left showing that you should avoid junk food

Have you found yourself being addicted to fast food? Well, you’re not alone suffering from this problem. According to research by the Food Institute, millennials spend 45% of their food budget on fast food.

 Over the past few years, the junk food market has expanded to a great extent, whether it comes to burgers, pizza, donuts, French fries, and so many other items. We see junk food items are sold at low prices because local food brands have come into existence selling a range of fast food items.

 This trend is going on in all parts of the world, as junk food is easier to cook and eat. But we don’t look at the health disadvantages of eating junk food. Junk food can make you and your life miserable if you don’t look at the side effects of fast food.

Pizza, burgers, and many other greasy food products you might find extremely tasty are not as good as you think. Junk food products are mainly made up of flavors and spices that taste good but harm your body’s growth and well-being.

Popularity of Fast-food

Fast food is easily accessible, and most of the time, you don’t even have to get out of your vehicle to get it. You go to a drive-thru. These easy-to-get methods have made us very lazy.

No matter how tasteful it is to the tongue, we can’t deny the fact that fast food seriously affects our health. Leading researchers such as Health Promotion Perspectives show us the drawbacks of fast-food consumption and its severe side effects.

 Read this article to learn how junk food makes you and your body miserable?

Fast food severely hurts our body and overall health, and we might not even realize it until it’s too late. Every organ and crucial part of our inner body is affected by fast-food consumption.

The following infographic shows the respective parts of the body that are majorly affected by fast-food consumption:

Rising Effects of Fast food on Body

Overview of effects of fast food on our body

Why is junk food poison to your Body?

Junk food and fast food contain substances that affect the body in a very negative manner. These substances vary depending upon the type of food. The effects also vary depending on what kind of substance you consume. This study by HPP sheds more light on the side effects of these substances.

The most common substances present in junk food that can be dangerous to health are mentioned below:

  • Sodium
Foods that contains high amount of sodium

High sodium(salt) in food can cause migraines and headaches. Sodium does make the food tastier, but it can also cause water retention.

  • High Carbohydrates
Foods that contain a higher percentage of carbohydrates

Fast foods, even soft drinks, contain a very high amount of carbs and a little fiber to compensate for it. These carbs are broken down into glucose which is sugar. These high amounts of sugar are released into your bloodstream, which spikes the blood sugar. High blood sugar could easily lead you to obesity and even go as far as diabetes!

  • Trans Fat
Foods that contain trans fat

Another substance that is common alongside sugar is Trans-fat. It can increase your good cholesterol levels and also bad cholesterol levels. High cholesterol increases the risk of getting diabetes type heart diseases.

Problems Caused by Junk food

Junk food not only damages your Body physically but mentally too. From your brain to your heart, everything is affected in one way or another by what you eat. Regular consumption of such unhealthy food products can lead to severe diseases.

These diseases can be very lethal if left unattended. It often takes a long time to realize the effects of such diseases. To avoid such from happening, take necessary actions and avoid junk food in your meals.Here’s a list of diseases commonly caused by excessive consumption of junk food.

Harmful towards Respiratory system

Fast food and junk food contain a lot of calories. Consuming that many calories would lead to a significant gain in body weight. It will lead your body to obesity

Obesity is the leading cause of respiratory problems. Asthma and lack of breath are some of the common issues faced because of obesity. The more the body weight is, the more pressure there will be on the lungs. Shortness of breath is bound to occur if you perform any task that requires movement and mobility. Exercise, climbing the stairs, even walking might seem a bit more difficult than usual.

Effects on physical appearance

Have you ever faced skin problems and did not know why? You might never suspect your food to be the cause, but it can be a major influence in such a situation.

Mayo Clinic research tells us that skin problem such as acne is caused by carbohydrates in our meals. As mentioned before, carbs lead to high sugar levels. These high sugar levels in the bloodstream are said to be the cause of acne. Younger consumers of junk food have been a target of a skin disease called eczema for eating junk food more than three times a week. This disease makes the skin itchy and leaves red patches behind.

Weakness in bones

High carb foods contribute to the acids. Such acids can cause cavities in your teeth.

These acids break down the tooth enamel letting bacteria easily infect your teeth. Being obese can put a lot of weight and pressure on bones too. This pressure makes it easier for bones to break if an injury or force is applied from a fall. Build strong muscles and exercise to avoid such issues.

How To Ditch Junk Food

A girl eating healthy and saying no to fast food by pushing it away

Junk food may taste very good and fill your stomach up, but the long- and short-term problems that come with it are not worth taking the risk. Fast-food addiction can prove to be very harmful to your health and appetite.

Avoid junk food as much as you can and try to eat healthy to not fall prey to obesity, heart diseases, high cholesterol, and many other health hazards.

The only way to ditch junk food is to avoid cravings and eat healthy and organic foods. Drink more water and plan natural meals. It is the best way to avoid fast food and fighting stress.

No doubt junk leads to stress, so natural and organic foods keep you away from junk food cravings. Eat more protein and vitamins through fruits and vegetables. You can eat the following in your meals to stay healthy and keep your body fresh.

  • Salmon

Salmon contains beneficial fatty acids that lower the risk of disease to a great extent.

  • Kale

Kale is arguably the healthiest vegetable. It contains high amounts of vitamin A, B, and K1 and enough potassium and calcium for the Body.

  • Potatoes

Rich in B and C vitamins, Potatoes are easy to cook and eat and give many health benefits. Potatoes also contain a significant amount of iron, magnesium, and potassium that helps in the growth of the body.

Bottom line

Turn to healthy eating before you find yourself trapped within obesity and laziness. It is never too late to start living healthy and fresh so start consuming better meals and take care of your health because nothing matters more than your well-being!

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Daniel Abraham is a content writer who specializes in writing about fitness and health. He only started his journey to physical fitness just over two years ago, but has quickly developed an impressive knowledge of the subject.
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